Hyalex Orthopaedics, a privately-held medical device company developing transformational cartilage biomimetic products, today announced the appointment of Carl Vause as its new chief executive officer  and president. Mr. Vause, who succeeds Hyalex’s interim president, Michael Hawkins, Ph.D., has also been appointed to the company’s board of directors. Additionally, Dr. Hawkins has been named chief technical officer and will continue to serve as a director on the company’s board.

Mr. Vause brings to Hyalex a track record of success in developing and launching groundbreaking orthopaedic products to the sports medicine market. Prior to joining Hyalex, he served as vice president, marketing at CONMED Orthopedic Solutions, CEO of Soft Robotics and global joint repair franchise leader at Smith & Nephew. Mr. Vause possesses a wealth of experience bringing innovative technologies to market at both large corporations and early-stage companies.    

Dr. Hawkins has led an accomplished career in materials science and orthopaedic implants during his 35 years at Zimmer Holdings, where he had progressive leadership positions in R&D and product development including vice president, corporate research. He is credited with developing a wide variety of products for the global orthopaedics market spanning novel bone graft substitutes, biomimetic surfaces, and composite implants, and has overseen regulatory, quality and R&D functions. Throughout his career, Dr. Hawkins has focused on technologies that fit unmet needs in the orthopaedic market.

“We are thrilled to welcome Carl with his extensive experience in orthopaedics and sports medicine,” said Wende Hutton of Canaan Partners and chair of the board at Hyalex. “He is well-prepared to collaborate with the surgical community as we look to enter the clinic this year and expand our HYALEX® materials platform and product portfolio. We are also privileged to have the ongoing expertise of Mike Hawkins on our executive team at a critical time during which the company has advanced from a focus on research to product and clinical development.”  

Hyalex Orthopaedics is developing the HYALEX® Cartilage System, which is intended to repair cartilage lesions and restore function for patients with loss of knee articular cartilage and bone requiring surgery. The system was granted Breakthrough Device Designation in the U.S. in 2021 and has demonstrated exceptional pre-clinical results to date. Unlike existing solutions, HYALEX® Cartilage is a biomimetic materials platform designed to provide a single-step, off-the-shelf, high-strength, low-friction, low-wear, durable solution to articular lesions or injury.

“A reliable and reproducible solution for articular joint pain caused by cartilage lesions is one of the largest untapped opportunities in orthopaedics,” said Mr. Vause. “The HYALEX® Cartilage System is the first truly biomimetic cartilage implant that has the potential to help millions of patients currently lacking treatment options, and not wanting a total joint replacement. Our mission is to help these patients be active and stay active.”

Hyalex will be attending the 2022 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons conference, March 21-26, 2022 in Chicago, IL, and the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine conference, July 13-17, 2022 in Colorado Springs, CO. Additionally, the company will deliver a podium presentation at the International Cartilage Regeneration and Joint Preservation Society World Congress, April 12-15, 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

About Hyalex Orthopaedics

Hyalex is a privately-held medical device company headquartered in Lexington, MA, developing transformational synthetic cartilage technology and implant systems for diseased and damaged joints. HYALEX® Cartilage is protected by more than 17 patents and trademarks worldwide.

The HYALEX® Cartilage System is under development and not available for clinical use.

For more information: www.hyalex.com


SOURCE Hyalex Orthopaedics, Inc.